Who we are

QuantBrothers is a privately held company specialised on high-technology software development. In 2014 we joined forces with an independent quant team and established an R&D Lab office. In 2022 the company opened an office in Limassol, Cyprus.

We develop comprehensive IT solutions with high security requirements. Our main product is the creation of blockchain-based solutions and the development of a platform for writing smart contracts. We use blockchain technology to help companies optimize their business processes, guarantee data security, protect data authenticity and track all historical data changes.
We also create a high-performance quantitative trading platform. The platform, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, provides liquidity in various asset classes and takes advantage of opportunities in financial markets. QuantBrothers continues to invest heavily in research and development as we believe that contemporary technologies could provide valuable insights for electronic trading world.

Data Security Solutions by QuantBrothers

Blockchain technology has become essential for solving a variety of tasks both on banking and currency markets, and is actively used by leading companies and corporations to optimize their business processes.

Blockchain guarantees data security, protects data authenticity and keeps track of all data historical changes. Thanks to these qualities, blockchain solutions have found the widest use in financial accounting, logistics systems, electronic paperwork and other companies/projects operations.

Smart contracts built on this technology take automation to a new level and demonstrate a high degree of security at each crucial step of the business process.

Depending on specifics of business, we use either the open blockchain platform Ethereum or the closed platform Hyperledger Fabric.


Offers network that is already widely used worldwide, requiring currency to complete transactions.

Hyperledger Fabric

Allows implementation of blockchain that exists exclusively within a company through creation of closed infrastructure.

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Our advantages

Our advantages

Independently of platform choice, the QuantBrothers team employs a flexible approach to clients’ needs, develops software using continuous integration and applies cloud solutions for building blockchain infrastructure.

Among our completed projects are unique examples of hybrid approach of documents management allowing fast-working system with extremely high level of security. QuantBrothers team also realized other customized innovations, for example user authentication in blockchain system from mobile-app that doesn’t require local keys storage.

Stages of working on the project

QuantBrothers is your reliable partner with a huge project experience in developing complex IT solutions with high security requirements.

Диагностика бизнес-процессов Diagnosis
of business processes
Drafting of the terms of reference Drafting
the terms of reference
Developing the project’s architecture Developing
project’s architecture
Carrying out the project Carrying
out the project
Integration and follow-through Integration
and follow-up

Connecting to Exchanges

QuantBrothers has developed and is constantly improving its own trading platform called Prism. This IT product is used for high-frequency trading and based on analytics with deep learning solutions. Since 2014 QuantBrothers has been successfully operating on the major financial exchanges.

Our program solution Prism, which provides access to multiple exchanges using the FIX exchange protocol, allows us and our clients to effectively solve wide set of business cases whether it is reliable algorithmic trading, inter-exchange arbitrage, sell-side broker services.

Today QuantBrothers offers a unique, ready-to-use solution for companies that need to connect their trade systems to international markets, to execute trade volume on several markets simultaneously, to get minimum slippage, very high speed and fault tolerance.



Artificial Intelligence

Since we consider Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular as the key technologies to success on modern financial market, we are continuously discovering, implementing and refining a wide range of sophisticated machine learning algorithms to provide our clients with the industry-leading trading system. Every millisecond the AI bots analyze a variety of inputs, including realtime and historic data from world's exchanges, screen it for patterns and make predictions on the direction of the markets. That allows our system to make topflight buy-sell decisions and select the best strategies to maximize a revenue.

High Performance Computing

We combine the power of high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with highly efficient proprietary AI solutions to provide high dimensional data analysis and reporting. Using our HPC solutions we gain a global view of value-at-risk in real time across multiple asset classes, capture and analyze vast amount of financial market data for immediate and profitable decisions.

High Performance Computing


As a QuantBrothers team member you are going to solve some of the most fascinating problems on the world’s financial markets using high load technologies and artificial intelligence. We offer the spirit of a startup and the stability of an established company.

Senior Software Developer

We are looking for an exceptional software developer with a strong understanding of .NET framework, multithreading and high performance computing with minimum of 2 years commercial development experience. You will develop and implement improvements to one of the most advanced algorithmic trading systems in the world.

Product Specialist

We are seeking to a critical thinker with strong analytic skills, who will be responsible for managing our product throughout its lifecycle: from system technical configurations to cost-benefit analysis of a particular trading strategy. This person will accumulate knowledge regarding all product technical specifications and functions and will be in a close contact with developers and analysts.

Quantitive Analyst

You will responsible for building quantitative models, contributing invaluable research and analytics while improving the performance of our trading strategies.